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What about setting up the important family portraits?

Some photographers simply put the bridesmaids against the bricked church wall. Nanny Gladys oozes at her grand-daughters lovely purple silk dresses, however, others cringe at the lack of innovative thought as the girls look like they are about to face the firing squad!

Setting up the family pictures are important. Although the happy couple hope for a happy life together, sadly some families have bitter splits after terrible divorces! A stress-free approach with diligent care and understanding on who should be standing by who is critically vital!

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Being flirty with the bridesmaids, childish with the children, great with the grandparents and making awkward grooms, the best man and his followers grouped together to resemble rock band tour poster material is most definitely significant when capturing and creating the best from the big day.

Equally so, as is not knowing that the photographer is there and most definitely not taking over. Having the knowledge that the picture has been captured so that the bride can spend some catch-up time with Natalie who has travelled from Australia is a considered value.

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Taking the pictures is one thing, but what about getting the actual pictures?

Read about crazy Platinum, Gold and Silver packages that you don't want. Is a great deal by a wedding photographer all that great? Look at final costs, as that is what you will be paying!

It is true to say most couples do not know what they want. There is no hard sell, just suggestions and offerings such as superbly designed coffee table books to majestic canvas prints to processed images to appease the Instagram age that are simply handed over on a USB stick.

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At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

"It does not matter to me if I do not get to shoot your wedding, I am not a wedding photographer and it is not important to me as I do not need to pay the bills with it!

"But if I do shoot your wedding then it becomes important to me. Very important to me." - Matthew Ashton