Wedding photography - page 1

Your wedding is your most important day.. right?

After your choice of life partner, your choice of photographer is quite possibly the next most important decision you will have to make!

black and white wedding photography
Listen, who is to judge what you do on your wedding day, it is YOUR day after all.

Do you splash all your funds on the wedding dress, venue and alcohol and have the party of your life? Or is budgeting to capture a fitting reminder to show your future children more important?

The choice of deciding which photographer is a very important one.

Some couples are happy with Uncle Bob fumbling around and doing the snapping and that is totally fine!

Some are happy with amateur photographers who have day jobs and do not necessarily have the skill and experience required - let alone the instinct to grab the happy couple during the evening party, put coloured gels in outside studio lights and create a stunning image during an unsuspected sunset in a split second. Again there is nothing wrong with that.

Shrewsbury Town wedding
Then there are real wedding photographers. Photographers whose trade is to shoot weddings every day of the year. True professionals.

Herefordshire wedding groom and best man
But how about being different?

Do you what if you want a photographer who in his day job captures that split second funny emotion of the likes of Jose Mourinho at a press conference for the world's press? - documenting the best man's speech is a busman's holiday!

How about someone who has a totally different eye and someone with a totally different set of lenses and equipment to most other wedding photographers use?

inside wedding studio
What if you want a photographer who has had 25 years experience in seeing pictures and anticipating happenings to the point that it is simply instinct?

Capturing the winning goal at the FIFA World Cup Final may be stress-free, but being professional to ensure that everything runs smoothly so that when the rings are exchanged, that vital life changing moment is captured forever.

magazine style wedding photographs
Then what about the style of photography?

What about having a photographer at your wedding who has had to appease hard-faced tabloid newspaper picture editors on Fleet SStreet? This totally ensures no telegraph poles will be sticking out of Auntie Maureen's head!

Does the idea of having a photographer who has been commissioned by art magazines and broadsheet newspapers with the sole concept of having the skill to create images designed to magnetic to the paying reader so that they buy the said magazine interest you?

From covering the Croatia Civil War to feature work in the Favelas in Brazil, to getting front page pictures in the likes of The Guardian from Crufts Dog Show, feature and documentary photography is almost child's play.

Some wedding couples want a natural and documentary feel and journalistic approach. Do you?